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Le Grand Hard ~ Hôtel*** - Restaurant ~ Sainte-Marie-du-Mont


Once upon a time, let's say 16 years ago, we (that is Jo and Katrien Sercu from Koksijde) were in a reflective mood. Who are we? Where are we really from? Where, more importantly, are we really going? With the aid of a beer or so, the answer came: we must move!

But where? So many choices, so wide a world.... A tough question indeed.

'Must-haves' included: sea, nature, horses, heritage, tranquillity and authenticity.

First idea was Uruguay. Until reality restored its grip on us. Uruguay isn't just round the corner. How would we get started in a place where we knew no-one, couldn't speak the language, where friends and family would be hard-pressed to visit, where we might be homesick ourselves? So NOT a great plan maybe, having been and had a look.

Then we visited France. We arrived in Basse Normandie in La Manche, famed for its horse-centricity. The visit never-ended. We fell in love with the place. It had all the 'must-haves' in abundance. We had to be here. No sooner had we got ut of the car at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont than we had bought this spectacular home with its 53 hectares of land, close to Utah Beach.

After a 3-day crash course in renovation we started on the new project with spirits uplifted. A year and half later, after a LOT of blood sweat tears and toil, the job was done.

After a couple more beers - this time in our own bar - we were happy and full of pride. Ever since, the bar has been a focus for passing friends and family. Friends brought their families with them. And so the hotel started to thrive and continous to do so this day.

If you're still not convinced, come and have a look for yourself. Enjoy the rural dream. Savour, as we do, the uncomplicated French food and the fine French wine, the lovely trips through the pastoral landscape (by car, bicycle, motorcycle, horse or on foot, ... )

And always remember, we don't live to work, but work to live. Life is already short enough!