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Le Grand Hard ~ Hôtel*** - Restaurant ~ Sainte-Marie-du-Mont


Le Grand Hard has long had an equestrian core. It offers an indoor ring, forty stables, a gallop ring, treadmill, paddocks and meadows. Carriage drivers are also welcome - we are perfectly equipped to welcome you, singly or in groups.

Across the meadow from the hotel, a riding track leads directly to the beach and the sea. Marvellous rides through the 'bocage' are just fantastic. 

We can also help you with topographic marked maps marked out to guide you.

La Manche is justifiably famous for anything and everything to do with horses. You are most certain to meet many like-minded people in the course of your stay here.

Box rent: € 20 per day (incl. hay, straw and food)
Carriage: € 60 per hour (up to 7 people)